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Whether you’re planning an anniversary buffet, birthday party, product launch, summer ball or family supper, we will be able to build a fabulous menu for you to meet any budget. 

For an evening party, why not serve guests who may have already eaten a meal, with a selection of six or seven canapés alongside drinks?  Bowl food is a hearty all-rounder if you don’t have the space for everyone to sit down but would like to offer them something substantial, perfect for guests arriving straight from work; also increasingly popular as a winter buffet.

For a summer celebration, take a look at our buffet ideas. A groaning buffet table should be a feast for the eyes and the appetite. Choose a couple of centrepiece dishes, maybe a whole ham or side of salmon, and we can help you build up an array of complementary sides and salads. Desserts can be as lavish or simple as you like. Or you could opt for a local cheeseboard to be served alongside a celebration cake.

Another summer alternative is a barbecue. The theatre of outside cooking creates a real holiday buzz. Our grill chefs are fun and fast. The loaded Prep burger is a staple, but what about sticky lemony sardines, or Keralan prawn kebabs. Dessert is often overlooked at a barbecue but who’s going to turn down home-made raspberry ripple ice-cream in a cone? Or frozen yogurt popsicles?

For smaller gatherings we can go to town, preparing dishes on site that require a bit of care and would be difficult to serve to a large group. Our suppers are bespoke, and always prepared using the best seasonal ingredients. The Prep ethos comes into its own when a large group of friends gather around a table to share a meal, and as host you get to share in the fun without any of the fuss and stress of preparing it all. 

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Take a look at our tea time menu for a list of options that we would recommend for a funeral. If you’d like guests to linger for more than a couple of hours at this difficult time, think about offering savouries instead of sandwiches, which are popular but can dry out quickly. If guests have travelled long distances, bowl food may be a more hearty option. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that guests are well looked after whatever you choose.

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